The area of two rectangles is given by he functions: area of a rectangle A:f(x)= 4x2+6x area of rectangle B:g(x)=3x2-x Which function represents the difference? A.h(x)=7x2-5x B.h(x)=x2-7x C.h(x)=x2+5x D.h(x)=x2+7x

Accepted Solution

Answer:x^2+7x if you are asked to find the difference of a function f and function gStep-by-step explanation:We are asked to A-B or f(x)-g(x).(4x^2+6x)-(3x^2-x)4x^2+6x-3x^2+xThe like terms I'm going to pair up.4x^2-3x^2+6x+x1x^2          +7xx^2            +7xThe answer is x^2+7x