Given that B is between A and C. If AB=x, BC =2x-3, and AC = 30. Find x and bc

Accepted Solution

Answer:x=11BC=19Step-by-step explanation:AB+AC=AC this is because B is in between A and C. So now we can substitute all of the line segments, so we have x+2x-3=30          Now you add 2x and x3x-3=30      Now you add 3 to both sides so you can get 3x alone on one side3x=33        Now you divide both sides by 3 so you get the x alone on one sidex=11 The next step is to substitute x to find BC.BC=2x-3       Substitute the x with 11BC=2(11)-3    Then multiply 2 and 11 because that is the rule with parenthesisBC=22-3        then subrtact the 3 from 22BC=19You can check your work by doing AB+BC=AC11+19=30        substitute your answers and then add them together30=30